Bridge House
Ivy Gothic Bed and Breakfast

A bridge, a castle; once a movie studio. Recently an animal haven, befroe that a fraternity and several other things until it became an Inn, Bridge house has been a secret refuge for generations of Cornell trustees, the hide out of brain-drained Soviet Scientists, and was briefly the home of the famous lepodoptrist, Vladamir Nabokof, but his wife didn't like it.

Both J. Winslow Irving the writer, and Madam Blavatsky the psychic have slept here, though not at the same time.

Click here for a Brief history of Bridge House, and to read about is most famous denesin, Cameo White.

Welcome to Bridge House Bed and Breakfast. We have twenty to thirty rooms counting the sub basements and lateral chambers . The exact number of rooms available depends on the seasonl characteristics of drainage. Our, rooms each has a fireplace which has been converted to an open water closet, with a stone trough and clay bidet. In the stone wall opposite the water closet or fireplace in many of the rooms is a nook or alcove in which the bed is a leather covered pad supplied with an oat-stuffed horsehair blanket. In one room the alcove has a natural drip fountains and albino cave toads.

Some racoons in residence: Smoking allowed under the bridge, bathing in famous LONG GROTTO. Tatoos done on site.

Various tours led by your hosts to local power vacuums. Murder Mystry months . Not currently accepting Reservations. Closed, except to current members, due to government interference.

Winslow Irving Slept Here
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A Brief History of Bridge House
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