Edgewood Home Bridge House Breakfasts

At Bridge House we serve coffee at all hours amd we don't distinguish between breakfast and other meals any more than someone living in an underground chamber distinguishes between day and night.

You may have breakfast in your chamber, under the bridge with the troll, or up on the parapet with the Goths, but no alcohol or bottles are allowed up there.

We have a rotating menu of the dishes below ( or the cook's substitutions) served twice every twenty four hours on the threes:

Chili Dog Toast
White Man's regular
The Black Forest

Sauted Puff ball and fried potatoes on toast

Bridge House BBq Breakfast
Appricot preserves with eggs, chips, and ham.
Breakfast at Bridge House always comes with a selection of vintage news papers, magazines, and catalogues.
The Bridge House Diet Breakfasts continued:
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