Breakfast and Beyond
Breakfast at Edgewood Place is usually served at eight-thirty in the morning, but we can get you to your appointments earlier and you may have coffee and biscotti from the pantry and sniff the gorge or read the newspaper well before you are served. You will likely be offered eggs in some form, and perhaps smoked trout there in, jalapeno grits om the side, Dutch treats, Australian sprinkles, or Lebanese cheese. Always there will be bread and frout and you can elect to have oatmeal or cold cereal.

Misti and David are your food loving hosts, but Misti is our particular cook and taster. This is because Misti has the acute senses of a cat, as well as Paris Cordon Bleu schooling, and professional experience in everything from cooking aboard a yacht in a transatlantic race, to staging director's lunches in London. If she weren't so busy in the kitchen, she sure could spin for you from her kit of stories, many of which have good food and risky adventures in them. Don't worry: We are geting the stories down before she breaks her neck for the third time, not that it would do her in. A tough bird makes the best soup...

The peaceful, middle period of Misti's cooking history included the raising and feeding of a boy child who, as a result of his gourmet upbringing, had to learn how to cook before he could stand to leave home. And he still comes back often. You will not want to leave either, but you must, and Mistii may give you a biscotti to go.


Dinner and More:

We can provide luncheons and seated dinners for our guest (and theirs) up to twelve people.

We offer to host wedding parties including meals and extra services, and reservation of all the rooms for at least two days.

We will schedule and announce here occasional public openings, tours, art shows, and dinner theatre events.

We may not sell or serve you alcohol. You may provide your own or go down the drive and around the corner to the Chapter House brew pub, or the ABC cafe, for a few wines and many varieties of beer to be consumed right there.

Coffee is not everything, but it works very well here to make people get up, speak up, and go. We serve Green Mountian, shade-grown, fair- traded, organic, Mexican coffee.
There are forty ways to cook an egg. Above is method four: the lightest and most colorful
You can always have a simple standby cereal, instead of the main offering. And there will always be breads and fruits. We like to know if you have any food restrictions or requirements, such as an alergy to carbon based compounds, or a commitement to raw or living foods.
Cooking Mistique
Just exactly what kind of whatever are we going to offer you so soon in the day?

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