Advanced Cooking Just what do we serve as main dishes at breakfast ? Can you have the recipes or are you just being silly by asking ?
The ingredients you see here might go into something we could call Soufle Chantaraple, and could conceivable have been what you were served here this summer, because it was the best mushroom and apple season in ten years and more, but, in fact, Misti never put together such a thing as Soufle Chantraple, and even if she had, there would be no recipe because the same dish cannot be served twice. Misti more often includes the chantrells sparingly in an omlette or individually in their own sauce, like humming bird hearts (which we do not serve here).

In cooking, Misti has books and she has principles, but she is very loose when interpreting recipes, and very tight when it comes to giving them out. We have been trying to get her to write down some recipes for years, and she has says she intends to, but all we get is stories....which we prefer anyway. No recipes but in stories would be a good principle.

Basically, as with the ingredients here, you need to picture them first, then go out and gather them, clean them up, and put them togather with something somewhat different in a medium which has been brought to the heat of transformation .....which, in the case of chantrells, is low.

Great food happens.

Here beside this caption happens to be raspberry topped bread pudding. One person at Edgewood Place actually cried upon takeing his first spoonfull of this.

Half the job is putting food on the table just so.
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