Rooms and Policies:
"Eat your breakfast before you come, bring your dinner in your hand, get out before suppertime." (Mississippi John Hurt) This is the Edge that Was
You can still look around at our rooms and designs, here , visit the virtual Bridge House, link to the real Ithaca bed and breakfasts below, or discuss the Bed and Breakfast experience with us, but we are no longer in the actual bed and breakfast business.
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When we were real, Our Rates Page went like this:

Rates: Our basic rate is $200 pernight for double occupancy. two night weekend minium stay if you include Saturday. Winter,weekdays, and extended stay rates cam vary


Arrive between three and seven P.M. . or as late as need be......just let us know. Fell free to call from any point, along the way, because many of you will get lost, despite our maps and written directions. Check out of rooms and pay up by eleven. You may be able to linger after that,

No pets, except fish. No smoking, except for fish. No fishing, no weeding, though loitering is fine. Perfume in moderation : musk lingers long after the ox has left. Please no flowers in bed. Those red, red roses can stain four hundred dollars worth of bedding in one lovely gesture. Generally no children under twelve without some prior discussion. . We had a dog., correctly spelled, "Deerdra" who believeed that you came especially to see her.

Each guest suite had a private bathroom, high-speed internet, and either a closet or wardrobe. The beds all had comforters. We had central hot water heating. The West room could be equipped for you with either twins or a king size bed. The East room had a whirlpool bath; the South is a single occupancy room and had a fountain for company. The West and North hade private porches. All guest rooms were on the second floor. The first floor commons has two fireplaces in the living and dining room, chess tables (and a small TV in an old radio cabinet). There was an open porch to the west looking over the town and a screend porch on the Gorge north, You could walk the rim of the gorge from a pedestrian path across the Stewart Avenue bridge, and enter it by following that path down to the park below.