Neighborhood Entertainment

ABC Produce Entrance
The Chapter House on a Band night
A classic Cornell bar reborn as a brew pub. We like it there in the late afternoon
The ABC is a vegetarian restaurant and cafe where you can get breakfast after we have stopped serving, or catch some of the best local acoustic music in the evenings.
Crossroads International Living Center and Cafe, exists especially to welcome and assist foreign students. It has a cafe in the main house open to all, and is working on a resurrection of the Carriage house next door as a larger cafe with an even larger space for music performances in the old hay loft.
New Crossroads Carriage House Cafe under construction.
Carriage House rebuilders convene
Just up Williams Street is upper Collegetown with its many resturants and other entertainments, including the Cornell Performing Arts Center, here seen from our Stewart Avenue Bridge.

Cornell, of course, is the biggest entertainer in town.

And the Downtown Ithaca Commons, five minutes walk down the hill, offers plenty more.

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