The Roofs of Tompkins County

Here, from a roof on Cascadilla park of Ihaca's East hill, we see Conneticuit Hill and Newfield, which are the roof of Tompkins county.


From a roof above Newfield, looking down on an old barn with a new silo roof.


Silo was mad after I studied the rotting pieces whih had dropped down into the silo, by looking up into one of the rare original roofs then still aloft.

The silo itself was as oval as a race track, so first thing, I drew it into round with come-along winch cables through holes to blocks on the outside.


Red cedar, fresh copper, bright blue weather.

I have never had better fun outside of cross-country skiing.


Customer was happy.

Here is the silo two year later - copper going green, shingles grey.

We are being watched from the hundred year old barn by a white-faceds horse which was fourty years old at the time.

Isn't roofing beautiful? Come on up - Below:

Remote Peaks and troubled valleys