We make lanterns and bridges. fountians, spouts, frog showers and ponds - ponds in a natural style with soft edges, plantings, waterfalls , fish, and wetland borders.
cultured stone bridge made here
Indoor Frog Shower
Our Home pond with the hollow fish house in foreground.

We have a sun fish in this pond which is older than our dog: six , seven years, or more. With him are three gold fish and many generations, in all sizes, of a self sustaining, fat head minnow population. Fat heads are native here, though ours were reared in Tennesee and bought at a bait shop, the sunfish was caught as a babe , by our twelve year old son, in our Lake bonaparte boat ouse. The gold fish, of course, are Chinese.

Ergonomic bridge lamp stool in William's office at Bridge House
rocky bottom dry wash
the fountian head of our system here at Edgewood Place
Frogs appeared soon after we first filled this pond.
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