"Dear Misti and David- Thank you for your sincere hospitality - your home is very beautiful - art work, furnituree, architecture, and fabric selections - Misti, your cooking and decorative talents are well appreciated - In total, thank you again for a special weekend -
Bary and Amy Shemin, Wayland Ma."

The next two entries are by guests, who, like many others, seemed to rate the dog highly among the charms of the place:

"We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and your hospitality. Being dog lovers, we especially enjoyed having Deerdra and Tano around. Thanks for a wonderful weekend
Janine Fogarty and Jim Hasterman."

"Thanks David and Misti, We loved the upper sanctuary. The soaps were a lovely surprise in the "ocean" shower. The breakfasts were delicious and the dog so friendly. Thanks for a Mythica Weekend!
Issadora and Doug Johnson, Mission Viejo, Ca."

Trusting fate, the next to sign came to us believing that they had been brought to us by the Universe.

"Waves of sweeping Autumn breezing
bringing us to Edgewood Place
Gratitude for sharing this beautiful
of pure love and light
Beauty and Peacefulness.....
for sharing yourselves
Blessings of abundant prosperity

Thank you to the Universe for leading us to you. What a perfect warm, chestnut, abundant with love home you shared with us. I wish you love, prosperity, peace.
Steve T. and Melissa R. "

The next entry is that of a Ms. Elizabeth Funk, who was sent to us as a travel writer for the online travel site Globaltreckers.com.

"Absolutely Beautiful!" wrote Elizabeth Funk.

The next folks to sign were among those who seem to find the dog to be as charming as anything else about the place, and appear by their entry to be planning numerous stays with us over the next four years:

" Edgewood Place B&B has been wonderful - thank you so much! We enjoyed the wonderful furnishings which make this B&B so unique. And we enjoyed Deerdra too!'
"We'll see you over the next 4 years and keep the North room for us for 2006 graduation!
Jerry & Suzanne Riessin Tiburon, California"

Next to sign was a couple,who loved the show at the Kitchen theater; they loved the boots they got at Fontana's they loved Deerdra, and they loved the West room, where they left the towels folded and the bed neatly made. They might have just been so full of love that they were easy for us to win:

"David and Misti,
Thanks! We had a great time staying here in your beautiful home. We love Deerda and we love your sense of hospitality and humor. If we don' see you in the futulre....we'll see you in the pasture!
M.J. and Tina NYC"

The last to sign, though not our last guest, were Thom and Vyvyan of Boston.

"David (AKA the Man) and Deerdra. What a wonderful stay. The house is beautiful, comfortable, intimate, the company was wonderful, the breakfast was THE BEST! We'll be back.....Thom and Vyvyan, Boston"

and here, from our new Inn frinends from last Spring, s due back soon as honey mooners

David and Misty -
This as been a perfevt weekend for us and we can't wait to return to your elegant, comfortable, warm and welcomeing home.
The breakfasts wee way behond fantasic, ;leavomg us satisfoed yet longing for more.
Misty - your recommendations led us to fndng both a weddng dress and the perfect rings. We'll never forget.
, x 0 x
Elaine and Lou

Misti and I got pretty confident in the ability of the grounds, house, dog, and board to please our visitors, that we forgot to ask them to sign the book, which is a shame I guess. But if you have been such a guiest and would like to sign the guest book, and especially if you have been a guest and would like to give some helpful criticism which, on account of your mouth was full, or because we were doing all the talking, you neglected to deliver when you were here, please enter it here. It will not necessarily be printed in these pages. If you have discovered your personal comments here and would like to remove or revise them, by all means