Ghost Poem Found

I found this poem under the bed in the Red Room and, like it says, Blessed is she that readeth the bird girl's dream., I like it because I found it , because I didn't know where it came from, and because I didn't know what it was going to say, or what it meant. I was tickled.

I thought the title was from Homer. I did a Google search on the title-phrase, and found a a magazine put out by a guest of a week or so previous to my discovery. You can search too, and will discover that the poem was not written by Homer (who may well not have originated his own material, and who himself may have been a folkloric construct).. It is a work of collaborative adaptation, the ghosts of our guests getting together under the bed. You can llearn more about everything, including that there is more of of the poem to be read, by followng the linking to Garry and Nina's magazine: READ ME

Now days I clean under the bed more often, because I am looking for poems and other mystries.

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