The East Hill Kids Cemetery Club

When you live by the cemetery for many years, you witness the stone's decay , dissilusion, and departure - some aging as fast as people.
When I was a boy and there were still wolverines in the mauseleums, we believed we could smell the blood of the dead from across the gorge. Blood didn't die.

Back then, the stone urn in this picture was whole, and stood much further up the hill.

The swift brown dog may jump over the lazy Greecian urn, but it continues to move by jerks and rolls maybe generations apart, and it will someday arrive in a garden at the bottom of the hill.
Incidents in he life of an Urn
When the urn was about fourty yards back up the hill with two good handles on it, a lot of the rest of the cemetery was in better condition too.

You could attribute some of that decline to the East Hill Kids Cemetery Club and to a certian innocent story from those days which I wrote and a local newspaper made the mistake of publishing.

The Innocent Story