Cameo White and the Seven Hounds: a brief account of her chosen end.
Cameo White endured at least seven dramatic love affairs, six male, one female, and a sucession of as many as seventy wolf hounds - with up to seven at a time, adding one to the menange each she shed a lover. Most of the men with whom she became involved left town afterward, but her final and female lover died in her care. The identity of that woman is well known to anyone with a memory of that era, but that is beoming few, and her descendant cousins ask that we not use their name.

After seven difficult detachments,, Cameo let her love life lapse, but dogs lost on account of the rapid early aging characteristic of their species, she always replaced. There is no information, rumor, or suspicion of her having a particarly unhealthy relationshp with these dogs, except for their having eaten one of her legs at the end, but they had been locked up with her for seven days at that point, and they politely took only what they needed to survive She gave the most a true mother could give, and there is evidence that the event , even if it was prety grisly any way you look at it, was maybe not so tragic as you might think. This was evidenced by the notes she left - not suicide notes exactly- written in the third person and the present tense, and indicating she knew exacty what was going to happen to her body.

Bridge house her eternal home, monuent and haunt, and of course there are dozens who claim she does haunt there, and they all say it is without a doubt that she is there, and so are the dogs, because they are quite loud and you can smell them. Perhaps the right question is whether she is a ghost, or an imposter continuing her pagent, which involved leading her dogs about, in a sort of swarm that she conducted and controled with the baletic waving of a long scarf.

She was quite effective in controling the dogs, and it semed clear to every one that it was beause the dogs loved her deeply.

She also suceeded in entombing her memory and maybe even her spirit, as it is with the dogs, in and about, or crossing over bridge house, that she is most often seen.

Cameo was often between men and among dogs, The men were sometimes wolfish, , but the dogs were not so often out of order .