Extreme Pedestrians
These dogs are having to use four feet each in order to make it across the deep snow, whereas the human floats on the snow with skis.

Nevertheless, and even with the advantage of poles which effectively give the human four legs also, the dogs prong away, leaving him in a dust of snow.

Skiing with the dogs, we study to understand their superior technique. Observatins so far point to the conclusion that they prepare by getting completely wound up.

Notice in the picture that the small dog is out front: Tightly wound, of course.

We humans at Edgewood place get all wound up with coffee, if we are not well wound already, and then we go pronging. Study and practice though we man, a man will never be the equal of your average healthy dog for anything short of vertical assents.

For the vertical sports, and many other outdoor activities, visit the Cornell Outdoor Education program, maybe even get some time in the Cornell Climbing wall. We can tell you the commonest places where the most people go to ski in this area, and we can tell you where nobody goes.


Howeveer, if you are determined to cover ground outdoors when there is no snow, and if you want to go just about as fast as a dog you need at least two wheels, a drive-train, and some mechanical advantages ,